Food Safety

Making and keeping your business compliant

  • SALSA Workshop Success

    09 May 2014 News
    Half of the scheduled SALSA food labelling workshops (FICR) have now taken place, and have taught over 50 food industry workers about the new food labelling regulations
  • Call For Food Testing

    20 February 2014 News
    Food producers and retailers are being called upon to have their food produce tested in order to maintain levels of quality and clarity for consumers, following 1200 tonnes of fake food being seized by an Interpol-Europol investigation
  • Fake Food Scandal

    10 February 2014 News
    Recent research has shown that a number of foods such as ham, cheese and prawns are being adulterated before being sold to consumers
  • Consumer Trust At All-Time Low

    28 November 2013 News
    Recent research carried out by Ketchum shows that trust and clarity surrounding ingredients and food labelling are priorities for consumers
  • Bench-top Meat Detector Produced

    11 November 2013 News
    Following 2013's horse meat scandal, UK engineers have created a machine able to distinguish between beef and horse meat in products
  • Cooked Ham linked to Salmonella Outbreak

    30 September 2013 News
    An outbreak of salmonella which affected some 50 people has been traced to cooked ham sold by a chain of independent butchers, but the supplier has yet to be traced
  • FSA Clamps Down on Rare Meat

    02 September 2013 News
    Delis and farm shops which serve rare meat in on-site cafés and restaurants could face repercussions from the Food Standards Agency (FSA)
  • Manuka Honey Warning from FSA

    27 August 2013 News
    The Food Standards Agency has issued a nationwide warning about the authenticity of manuka honey from New Zealand
  • Lack of Trust in British Food Industry

    08 July 2013 News
    New research from Mintel has found that just half of the British public trust the food industry to provide safe food to eat, six months on from the horsemeat scandal
  • Firmer Tests for British Food Traceability

    03 June 2013 News
    An 'action plan' is to be launched by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and Defra in a bid to guarantee the authenticity of British produce and improve product testing, according to a new report
  • Food Firms Make Pig Traceability Pledge

    05 April 2013 News
    Leading food companies across the UK have agreed to ensure complete traceability on all their pork products, thanks to a campaign by the National Pig Association (NPA)
  • Food Hall Charged by FSA Over Raw Milk

    28 January 2013 News
    The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is taking Selfridges to court for selling unpasteurised milk at its flagship store
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