Eco Business Unit To Rent on Scottish Island

16 February 2015, 12:30 PM
  • An eco-friendly business unit has been built on the Isle of Harris for budding food businesses
Eco Business Unit To Rent on Scottish Island

Home to Stag Bakery biscuits and Stornoway Black Pudding, as well as lamb, game, goats cheese, fish and seafood, the island is considered a food-lover’s paradise.

The 66-square metre site works on solar electricity and is available to rent for £2,200 a year.

David Wake, instrumental in the build said, “The Western Isles is home to a growing number of artisan food companies that are capitalising on the amazing landscapes and unique culture in their branding. Cold clear waters and the wide windswept moorland in Harris give rise to the freshest of local ingredients.

“You can even buy raspberries in the market in Tarbert during the season. With its community-developed business units, Harris is the ideal place to establish your business and benefit from a far superior quality of life.”

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Image courtesy of Laurie Campbell

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