24 May 2022, 07:58 AM
  • We catch up with Daylesford’s Rachael Winter, head of food buying and Jemma Coombe, head of food product development, to find out what they’re stocking for the warmer months ahead
Behind the counter: Summer drinks at Daylesford

We have a wide variety of drinks available in our farm shops, on our website and via Ocado. In summer, the best-selling drinks in our range include refreshing craft beers, rosé, rosé frizzante and Prosecco, which are ideal for barbecues and enjoying al fresco.

Summer is the season of picnics and festivals, so drinks in convenient formats are popular such as our canned sparkling wines and ready-to-pour, pre-portioned cocktails. Canned wine was not previously considered a “luxury” drink but we were able to capture the quality of our ever-popular Léoube rosé in cans, which helped elevate its appeal.

Our range also has plenty of thirst-quenching low- and no- alcohol options that are great for hot weather, including sparkling soft drinks, gut-friendly kombuchas, as well as cold-pressed juices, smoothies and shots. We recently launched cold-pressed, fresh organic orange and apple juices in large 750ml bottles which are delicious as mixers or on their own.

We are launching a new range of organic tonic waters – the first organic tonic waters to be made in the UK – along with Organic Fig Leaf Gin and Organic Hop Vodka in April 2022, ready for summer.

What value does seasonality hold for Daylesford, and how is that represented in its drinks range?
At Daylesford seasonality is the core of our offering, from our fresh fruit & vegetables, cheese, patisserie, butcher’s and fish counters and café menus. While many of the drinks in our range are available year-round, we do highlight seasonal preferences such as refreshing rosé and sparkling elderflower in the summer, hearty reds in autumn/winter, and immunity-boosting and restorative juices in January.

How about drinks with organic credentials - what role do they play for Daylesford and in the industry?
The majority of Daylesford branded products are certified organic and this includes our drinks. We go to great lengths to maintain organic credentials across our ranges – for example when we were developing our new range of tonic waters, which launch in April 2022, we worked with our supplier to develop a unique recipe using dandelion extract instead of traditional quinine. This innovation kept the drinks organic while achieving the same bitter flavour notes and mouthfeel you would expect in a quality tonic water.

Our recently launched cold-pressed organic fresh orange and apple juices in 750ml bottles were another notable new product development, as it is difficult to find organic juices in a larger size.

And health credentials?
We have an in-house nutritionist with whom we work closely to develop many of our ranges, such as our nutrient-packed cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices. We recently launched three new juice shots, which were recommended as part of our nutritionist-approved regenerative meal plans for Glow, Gut Balance and Mood & Mind.

Well-being is always a hot topic at Daylesford and we have a number of drinks with strong health credentials. For example, our award-winning kefir is good for gut health and is made in our own Creamery on the farm. Our kombuchas are an excellent non-alcoholic alternative to cider, with a similar flavour profile but with the added benefits for the microbiome and gut health. Our range of botanical teas are packed with health-boosting antioxidants.

Are there any summer-relevant drinks trends you’ve spotted? Where are the opportunities?
Canned wines and cocktails are a top summer trend for good reason: they’re lightweight, pre-portioned, convenient, easily chilled and taste great – perfect for taking to the beach, picnics or for barbecues.