Easy ideas for maximising online sales this Christmas

17 September 2021, 08:00 AM
  • Michael Freedman, senior shopper insight manager at IGD, shares his insight into the potential of e-commerce for fine food businesses
Easy ideas for maximising online sales this Christmas

Although we have seen a drop-off in online food and grocery shopping since the peaks of the national lockdowns, the level of online food shopping remains elevated. Many shoppers tend to turn to online food services during the Christmas period and we expect this to be even higher than average in 2021.

Smaller brands and retailers should consider:
• With unique and differentiated ranges, smaller businesses should ensure they’ve got the ‘brilliant basics’ to stand out online, including product descriptions, imagery and icons
• Driving visibility should be a key focus, so investing in email and social campaigns to provide seamless information and ‘adds to basket’
• Focus on ensuring availability, on-time delivery and quality, and use content to communicate this to shoppers
• Consider partnering with quick commerce operators to cater for more last-minute Christmas celebrations. Quick commerce companies deliver groceries to customers in less than one hour, often targeting the sub-30-minute fulfilment