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  • “Getting authentic”

    10 October 2018 Fine Food
    As the world shrinks, thousands of traditional foreign recipes are out there begging to be adapted and improved.
  • Can we embed sustainability in food and drink?

    08 October 2018 News
    Nick Oakes from Vero Drinks talks about how to bring sustainability into the food and drink business
  • What is work?

    08 October 2018 Speciality Bites
    Most people view work as something they must do to pay the mortgage, their bills or feed the children, and then look forward to the rest of their lives when they can really enjoy themselves. This assumption underlines many of our interactions throughout the week.…
  • The Interview: John Stapleton

    05 October 2018 Retail
    Meet the champion of SMEs and passionate advocate of facing Brexit head on
  • Networking or Not-working

    01 October 2018 Speciality Bites
    There is an old joke that says those that keep networking are in fact not-working, but I don’t agree. Pollinating and learning from other businesses is key for anyone in any business, but especially leaders. Anyone who thinks they are too old to learn…
  • Launching a new food or drink brand

    28 September 2018 Start-Ups
    Richard Horwell, MD of Brand Relations, shares his advice on getting to market
  • Long term or Short Term

    24 September 2018 Speciality Bites
    Much of our business thinking is short-term and I want to encourage you to think a little more long-term. Big businesses reporting to shareholders are all about the short-term, the next quarter or the next half-year dividend payment. I would suggest that this is…
  • “Trust your gut”

    21 September 2018 Start-Ups
    It’s all about trusting yourself, says Cecily Mills, founder of organic, dairy-free ice cream brand, Coconuts Naturally. As an entrepreneur, you need big reserves of self-belief if you’re going to ask others to believe in you
  • “Brexit – six months to go”

    17 September 2018 Speciality Bites
    I haven’t talked about Brexit for a while, but it can’t be avoided this week as there is now just 6 months to go until deadline day. The next few weeks will be key for the UK’s deal with Europe and will make a massive…
  • “Brands taking a stand”

    10 September 2018 Speciality Bites
    Despite Mr Trump criticising both Nike and Mr Kaepernick last week following Nike’s new advert, sales of the brand soared after the ad was aired last week. The markets’ initial response after the showing of the ad was to devalue the company by 3.16% but…
  • The Independent Shopper: Danilo Cortellini

    07 September 2018 News
    Danilo Cortellini, head chef at the Italian Embassy in London and MasterChef: The Professionals finalist, discusses the Italian deli scene in London
  • The Interview: Simon Anderson, Market Halls

    30 August 2018 News
    The co-founder of Market Halls talks community, new concepts, and what’s to come in food and drink
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