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  • Make Your Business Recession Proof

    14 July 2008 Retail
    "The ‘Recession diet’ is a trading down across the whole market and applies to all products and people," explains Rob Ward, fresh from a five-week trip to America where he saw this new phenomenon in action. "High value lines or services that lack either necessity or…
  • How Will The 10p Tax Scrap Effect You?

    29 April 2008 News
    The Forum of Private Business (FPB) is calling on the Government to rethink its plans to force employers to pay for the loss of the 10p rate of income tax by increasing the National Minimum Wage. The move is likely to compel smaller businesses to put…
  • Calls For 2008 Budget To Lay Off Small Firms And Retailers

    20 February 2008 News
    The chancellor, who will be delivering the first budget since the end of the Gordon Brown era at number 11, has to deal with what is described as one of the most challenging time for the British economy in nearly two decades. But, with rising costs,…
  • Business: Budget Fails Small Businesses

    21 March 2007 Delicatessen
    The chancellor, Gordon Brown has today delivered a political budget, doing little but create more red tape for small businesses to deal with, according to the Forum of Private Business.
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