29 August 2017, 06:19 AM
  • Georgie Mason, director of Gonalston Farm Shop, shares her eight cheese display dos and don'ts
How To: Display Cheese


● Sell your regional cheese all year round. We are lucky with our regional cheese – it has so much history and awards galore that it almost sells itself

● Use clear, concise counter labels which display the following information: milk type, pasteurised or unpasteurised, vegetarian or vegan, if the cheese is produced locally (within 50 miles), price per 100gms and per kg, country and region of origin

● Cut all cheeses and have the cut side facing the customer

● Make sure the team and counter look consistently brilliant every day


● Do not overfill the counter with standard supermarket-style cheese with no point of difference or story – this only leads to minimal opportunity for your customers to build rapport with you and much lower margins

● Avoid handwritten counter labels with different handwriting and spelling mistakes

● A dirty team and/or counter can do more harm than you may think

● Try not to miss any opportunity to upsell other items

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