5 minutes with Marietta Hickman, Cheeky Nibble

05 June 2023, 14:12 PM
  • Marietta Hickman, founder of Cheeky Nibble, shares her inspiration, last supper, and the weirdest thing she's ever eaten with Speciality Food readers
5 minutes with Marietta Hickman, Cheeky Nibble

What would you be doing if you weren’t in the food industry?
I think I would be involved in the fitness industry. Health and fitness is a huge part of my life, as I exercise a few hours a day for my mental health. I am currently training in my free time to be a personal trainer.

What was your first job?
My first job was aged 14, where I worked for a few weeks in the summer holidays at an aquarium.

What inspires you?
Before starting Cheeky Nibble, I was really inspired by the concept of coming up with an idea and making it a reality, motivated to build a business that was just in my head and get it onto a store shelf. However, since starting my own business I have had the opportunity to speak with young people about being an entrepreneur and help other founders who are about to or just launched their own businesses.

What’s the worst job you’ve done?
Working retail in a cosmetics shop, the job itself was fun as I love make up and skincare, it was just unfortunately in a very quiet area so the days felt long with only a few customers coming in.

What’s your favourite part of your job?
I love reading messages or hearing feedback from customers on Cheeky Nibble. To see how something I made by hand has brought joy to their lives really makes my day.

And your least favourite?
Running a business completely by yourself can be mentally exhausting as the mental load is extreme. Having to think about so many things is really a 24/7 job, but I always struggled in previous jobs with getting bored or not having enough work to do. So whilst it’s overwhelming at times, I have loved being interested and engaged with work without boredom for two years, for me that’s really important as I’m a bit of a workaholic. 

How about the food industry?
I think food is such a gateway to people’s hearts, as it’s often the centre of our strongest childhood memories and family occasions. Furthermore, it’s often how we are introduced to new cultures through their cuisines, so I’ve enjoyed meeting other founders in the food industry and learning about their backgrounds.

What would be your last supper?
I love Cantonese food so I would choose Cantonese BBQ roast duck with rice, with sides of salt and pepper prawns with lots of chili and prawn and crispy beancurd cheung fun. Super delicious!

What’s your motto?
I have always followed the motto “Don’t leave to tomorrow what can be done today”, as it really is true to my personality. However recently I am trying to follow the motto “Nothing ventured nothing gained” to help encourage me to be braver and take more risks.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
My brother used to eat Shreddie sandwiches which were basically buttered slices of white bread with frosted Shreddies in between. I had a bite of that once and it wasn’t for me! But maybe I should try it again as an adult with Cheeky Nibble…

What’s your favourite book?
I grew up loving cartoons and art, and recently received a copy of The Little Prince, illustrated by one of my favourite illustrators Chris Ridell.

Sweet or savoury?
Sweet! I have the biggest sweet tooth, which is why my business Cheeky Nibble specialises in granola inspired by nostalgic British desserts!

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