• Retail: Carbon Footprints Revealed

    16 March 2007 News
    Walkers and Innocent has both started labelling their products with a carbon footprint in an attempt to reduce their future impact on the environment.
  • Report: A Third Of Food Is Wasted

    16 March 2007 News
    The average household in Britain throws away almost a third of all the food it buys, a report is expected to reveal today.
  • Industry: A New Labelling Row

    15 March 2007 News
    A new campaign has been launched by 21 major food companies and retailers to label food more clearly with its nutritional content in a bid to combat the UK's rise in obesity.
  • Business: Red Tape Takes Its Toll

    15 March 2007 News
    New research published today by the Forum of Private Business (FPB) has revealed that small businesses spend, on average, 14 hours per month coping with health and safety regulations.
  • Report: Consumers Trust Celebrities

    15 March 2007 News
    An independent survey carried out on behalf of IFE07 has revealed consumers listen to celebrity chefs over the Government, when it comes to food issues.
  • Retail: A Centre For Excellence

    14 March 2007 News
    A new food centre, set to open in Ludlow next month, will serve up 50 new jobs and provide training for butchers, bakers, delicatessen staff, greengrocers and cooks.
  • Retail: Revolt At Tesco Town

    14 March 2007 News
    Members of the Highland Council's City of Inverness Planning Applications committee have unanimously rejected an application for a fourth Tesco supermarket in the city.
  • Event: Food & Drink Innovation Rewarded

    13 March 2007 News
    Fresh Ideas, one of the most popular areas of IFE07, has hand-picked a range of ground-breaking products from across the world and awarded them a special IFE07 apple-tree in recognition of their fresh product development.
  • Business: Retail Qualification Launched

    09 March 2007 News
    As reported on Independent Retail News, retailers are being given an opportunity to gain an industry qualification to help them climb the career ladder and improve their business.
  • £8m Regional Food Hall Plan Is Scrapped

    09 March 2007 News
    Despite gaining support from High Peak Borough Council to pilot a Regional Food Hall, The East Midlands Development Agency (emda) has called a halt to its plans for the £8m local food project, due to increased local sourcing opportunities with supermarkets in the region.
  • Business: Minimum Wage Increase Relief

    08 March 2007 News
    The 17 pence increase in the National Minimum Wage announced on 7th March is good news for hard pressed retailers who feared another inflation-busting increase this year.
  • Retail: Waitrose Comes Out On Top

    07 March 2007 News
    In results from a nationwide poll of 6,000 shoppers released today, upmarket supermarket operator, Waitrose, has been voted the UK’s favourite retailer.
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