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  • Special Report: Organic Confectionery

    14 October 2015 News
    The confectionery shelf may not be the first place you might look for organic products, but they are there all the same and the variety of products which are claiming organic credentials appears to be increasing
  • 4 Little-known Facts About Your Favourite Sweets

    07 October 2015 News
    Think you know everything about your favourite confection? Think again...
  • Creme d’Or Expands Happy Jackson Range

    12 August 2015 News
    East Yorkshire-based confectionery supplier Creme d'Or has added biscuits to its Happy Jackson range, which launched earlier this year
  • Choc on Choc Enters Sharing Market

    10 August 2015 News
    Artisan chocolate producer Choc on Choc has launched a new retail range: sharing packs of Chocolate Buttons
  • Seed & Bean Revamps Range

    29 July 2015 News
    Ethical chocolate producer Seed & Bean has updated its product range, adding three new flavours: Coconut & Lemongrass (37% milk), Fennel Seeds & Almond (72% dark), and Rose & Vanilla (72% dark)
  • Fudge Kitchen Launches Liquid Fudge

    02 July 2015 News
    Kent-based confectionery producer Fudge Kitchen has released a range of Liquid Fudge jars, suitable for spreading, baking and serving with desserts
  • Mochi Hits UK Market

    23 June 2015 News
    Tsuki Mochi, producer of mochi truffles, has released a range of new luxury Japanese desserts: Yuzu Lemon Cheesecake and Dark Chocolate
  • Fairtrade Accreditation for Taylor & Colledge

    20 April 2015 News
    Taylor & Colledge, the organic vanilla company, has been awarded Fairtrade status for its Tongan vanilla rehabilitation programme
  • Ooh! Chocolata Enters Sweet Market

    25 February 2015 News
    The confectionery producer is launching a range of all-natural, handmade sweets to complement its current chocolate offering
  • Sweet Sellers at ISM

    24 February 2015 News
    Sian Holt, MD of Fudge Kitchen reports on the trends on display at ISM, the world's largest confectionery and snacking trade fair
  • Confectioner Celebrates Yorkshire Heritage

    16 February 2015 News
    Harrogate-based confectionery producer the Serious Sweet Company has added to its range of luxury sweets with three Yorkshire-inspired products
  • Divine Celebrates Fairtrade Fortnight

    21 January 2015 News
    This Fairtrade Fortnight, running 23rd February to 8th March to raise awareness of the benefits of buying Fairtrade, ethical chocolate producer Divine will be touring the south of the UK in a retro food van
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