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  • Wet Weather Damages Asparagus Crop

    03 May 2012 News
    British farmers and farm shop owners are experiencing an asparagus shortage after the wettest April on record
  • Retailers Help Calm Pork Concerns

    28 April 2009 News
    With Swine Flu now confirmed on British shores, retailers across the UK are acting quickly to quash public concerns, in an attempte to prevent negative reactions that will stunt the sale of pork products.
  • Britain’s Best Honoured In Rural Awards

    23 March 2009 News
    On 18th March 2009 the national Countryside Alliance Awards were handed out at a Parliamentary reception in London. The Awards, nicknamed “The Rural Oscars", honour the countryside through the people who work so hard to preserve its communities, traditions and enterprise.
  • Animal Welfare Means Everyone’s A Winner

    28 October 2008 News
    The RSPCA Good Business Awards, that recognise companies with top animal welfare policies, have honoured retail store, Pepperfield Farm, for the second year running.
  • Backlash Against Tesco Competition Commission Appeal

    01 July 2008 News
    Hot on the heels of Tesco's decision to challenge to the Competition Commmission's proposal to introduce a “competition assessment” into the UK planning system, industry bodies are hitting back.
  • Can Farmers Markets Save British Farming?

    06 May 2008 News
    The Real Food Festival brought the biggest producers market ever to Earls Court for four days last week, April 24th to 27th, with nearly 20,000 visitors coming to see the vast array of delicu with some of the most delicious produce available in the UK: it…
  • Older Generation Is The Route To Local Sales

    17 December 2007 News
    In recent years food scares such as BSE, E-Coli, Bird Flu and Foot and Mouth have left parts of British farming, particularly livestock, in crisis, hampering opportunities for trading abroad. However, in stark contrast, UK shoppers have reacted by looking to provide support to British farmers.
  • Foot And Mouth Puts Farmers In Crisis

    06 August 2007 News
    With this latest outbreak, farmers look set to face a bill for tens of millions of pounds as international bans are imposed on British produce after two cows in Surrey tested positive for foot and mouth disease.
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