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  • “Blame it on the weather”

    07 July 2015 Expert Eye
    For us at Partridges, the weather only started in 2004 when we moved to the Duke of York Square. Until that time, weather was something that happened to other people
  • “K.I.S.S.”

    07 July 2015 Fine Food
    No one places as much store by a fortuitous acronym than those toiling in the creative departments of advertising agencies. Nothing convinces a client like a handful of carefully chosen words that have been transformed into a neat sales aid
  • Christmas is Coming…

    29 June 2015 Speciality Bites
    Well, Christmas is in full swing now at retailers and wholesalers throughout the UK. Well, not quite, but we have received around 50% of our Christmas orders and there will be a flurry of orders between now and when the schools break up in a…
  • Selling Strategy

    05 June 2015 Speciality Bites
    A couple of comments this week from different quarters have caused me to think, and as I was with some retailers at the Association of Independent Stores Food Gift Show this week, generated some conversations there too
  • “Rep relationships”

    21 May 2015 Town Crier
    Are you now, or have you ever been, a rep? I was for a number of years, with responsibility for selling advertising in newspapers that had circulations in the millions (it was the 1980s), both in the US and the UK. Most of the job involved…
  • “Tell it as it is”

    21 May 2015 Cheese Talk
    When you write a book about cheese and have to come up with unique and interesting descriptions for over 750, you quickly come to realise that the English language is extremely thin on the ground for words to describe cheese and even thinner for words to…
  • “Land of cheese and money”

    21 May 2015 Opinion
    It is a gratifying reality that British artisan and quality Cheddar cheese is creating waves across the world. An overnight success after years of sheer hard work and challenges. It’s ironic that France is now one of the biggest export markets for British cheese; both quality…
  • “The alchemy of books”

    21 May 2015 Fine Food
    Speaking as someone who only feels really comfortable in a small office with 2,500 cookbooks lining the walls, there is something very reassuring about recipe books. Look up even the simplest dish and you’ll find a variety of different methods and sometimes a variety of ingredients.…
  • “Today’s political menu”

    21 May 2015 Expert Eye
    As far as the 10 General Elections we have experienced go, like everyone who runs his own business, I have often been asked how the fortunes of Partridges have been affected by different political masters
  • Work-life balance

    20 May 2015 Speciality Bites
    I was on holiday recently which transitioned into a period of sickness, as coincidentally, I went down with malaria during the holiday, which must be connected to a previous trip to the children’s centre in Kenya earlier this year or even before
  • “Investing in the counter”

    30 April 2015 Opinion
    There continues to be more upheaval in the grocery trade than there has been for the past 25 years, and when that happens opportunity comes knocking. So wherever one sits in the chain of supply in speciality cheese, the question of how to seize that opportunity…
  • “Share the love”

    27 April 2015 Town Crier
    I'm unlikely to tempt customers from the multiples on price or on convenience. Our tiny store is very specialist, and as we say on our website, parking is a nightmare! Nope, what helps win trade for us is a triumvirate of enthusiasm, expertise and our range…
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