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  • “What’s in the recipe?”

    06 November 2015 Town Crier
    I’ve a pension that matures next year – I know I don’t look that old, but my byline mugshot was flatteringly lit and goes back a year or two, just like the one I used on the dating site where I met my wife
  • “Are food shows worth attending?”

    06 November 2015 Expert Eye
    A perennial activity in the life of someone in the speciality food world is visiting food shows in all their shapes and sizes
  • “Time for a cool yule”

    06 November 2015 Fine Food
    Christmas lies across the calendar like a fallen tree and blocks out sensible behaviour from early November until Twelfth Night in January
  • Carbon Footprints

    02 November 2015 Speciality Bites
    Many large businesses across the UK now have clearly-defined targets on reducing their carbon footprints, and have just become one of the first B Corporations in the UK, this is something very much on our agenda
  • “Getting to know you”

    20 October 2015 Opinion
    It's largely true that overnight success in cheese is gained after 20-30 years of sheer hard work plus a stubborn determination to overcome the challenges, and a generous stroke of good fortune or even a great job in self publicity
  • “Sharing the glut”

    20 October 2015 Cheese Talk
    It’s that time of year in the country, when anyone with even half a green finger and an apple or plum tree is trying to figure out what to do with Mother Nature’s overgenerous crop
  • “Pedanticism – pedantry, actually!”

    20 October 2015 Town Crier
    What does one do when a customer is just plain wrong? During the August melee I had somebody in the shop who was adamant that he didn’t want Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire, but her Cheddar
  • “New ideas”

    20 October 2015 Expert Eye
    The headline of the Evening Standard on Thursday 10th September 2015 proclaimed the words “Store Wars” in bold type
  • “Old dog or new tricks?”

    20 October 2015 Fine Food
    There are two powerful forces at work in everyone who shops for food and drink. On the one hand there is the allure of the new, while on the other is the comfort of what is old and established
  • Great British Bake Off

    12 October 2015 Speciality Bites
    I’ve got a confession to make. Up until the last 30 minutes of this year’s final I had never watched the Great British Bake Off
  • Change is Coming – B Corporations

    06 October 2015 Speciality Bites
    I am proud to say that at the launch of B Corporations in the UK last week, Cotswold Fayre was one of 60 founder companies to be accredited in the UK. We were joined “in the club” by one supplier and one customer, so a…
  • Returning from Speciality & Fine Food Fair

    16 September 2015 Speciality Bites
    As always when returning from Speciality & Fine Food Fair it is good to reflect. This show, being the largest in the sector, is always a good barometer of the industry as a whole, so what have we learned this year?
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