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  • Summer Holidays

    09 June 2014 Speciality Bites
    I always know it is summer when I arrive at the office at 7 a.m. on a Monday morning and have to open some of the 18 windows to let the weekend heat out! And that was the case this morning!
  • Expansion & Investment

    28 April 2014 Speciality Bites
    It’s been a busy 2-3 weeks since coming back from Italy, with a weekend away in Prague (not work), a 24 hour trip to Ireland and our residential Christmas Sales Meeting
  • The Art of Patience

    09 April 2014 Speciality Bites
    I am writing this at the airport, waiting for my plane back to the UK, after an interesting few days in Italy in Verona. What a splendid city, one I haven’t visited before, but must do again when not working. Although sampling the local…
  • From Bala to Birmingham

    20 March 2014 Speciality Bites
    I am in the middle of a gear change – desperately trying to catch up with lots of projects after coming back from Kenya earlier this week, before heading up to the NEC on Sunday for the Farm Shop and Deli Show (part of Food &…
  • Supplier & New Supplier of the Year Announced

    31 January 2014 Speciality Bites
    Apart from continuous rain, the last two weeks have seen me first in Scotland, as you know from the last blog, followed by the annual pilgrimage to ISM in Cologne. The latter event always involves prolonged periods in the evening keeping warm in the local beer…
  • New Year, New Products

    20 January 2014 Speciality Bites
    I always love this time of year as it is “show-time”! I am quite often in San Francisco this week at the Fancy Food Show, but not this year. It’s Scotland for me. In particular Scotland’s Speciality Food Show in Glasgow
  • For Some, Christmas Is Not All Joy

    10 December 2013 Speciality Bites
    A slightly more reflective piece this week, and perhaps good for us all occasionally to step back and think about priorities
  • December on the Farm

    09 December 2013 Opinion
    How quickly the autumn seeps away, the sun drops, the leaves fade, days become dusk then long night. Look carefully, and new growth, the promise the earth will turn, the light will return, is everywhere.
  • November on the Farm

    11 November 2013 Opinion
    Summer was hot and dry, and the autumn is cooler and wetter – seasons in the right place.
  • Room for Growth

    08 October 2013 Speciality Bites
    I thought it may be interesting to look at where the speciality food sector may go within the next few years. Clearly this is important as we plan our businesses and ensure we are looking in the right areas for growth. The first piece of good…
  • October Apple Day

    04 October 2013 Cheese & Dairy
    October is when you can't pretend it's late summer any more. Everything races to harvest the last of summer's bounty.
  • September Cheeses

    04 September 2013 Cheese & Dairy
    I was watching the house martens gathering on the telephone line, chatting away.
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