Town Crier with

Justin Tunstall

Retail consultant, shares with us his cheese selling experience
  • “Teamlist”

    10 October 2018 Town Crier
    I have an inkling of how Gareth Southgate, or perhaps the England Test selectors, might have felt when a key member of their team pulled a hamstring or twisted an ankle.
  • “Seeing stars”

    28 August 2018 Town Crier
    I love food awards. I enjoy helping organise them and judging at them; I spend about 30 days a year on awards-related activity
  • “Cold comfort”

    17 July 2018 Town Crier
    Do you have your own fallout shelter? I’ve never worked anywhere that believed me so indispensable to the rebuilding of civilisation that they allocated me a place in a bunker.
  • “Homing in on the range”

    01 June 2018 Town Crier
    I spent a happy morning proofreading the entries for this year’s British Cheese awards
  • “How to: tell the story”

    20 April 2018 Town Crier
    Try going into the average supermarket and asking about the cheese on offer. After an awkward silence at the outrage of unbidden interaction, the assistant might start to read whatever information is on the packaging
  • “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”

    03 November 2017 Town Crier
    Literary lovers will know this is the opening lines of The Tale of Two Cities, from that Charles Dickens classic, set in revolutionary times
  • “Diminishing returns”

    03 November 2017 Town Crier
    There’s an adage that it’s easier to sell to an existing customer than to convert a new one. It is in our best interests that we ensure that once a prospect becomes ours, they stay ours – through thick and thin
  • “Shrink to fit”

    29 September 2017 Town Crier
    Recently I was captivated by the story of 11 blocks and truckles of cheese that had been stolen in a heist at a cheese show. What was to be the fate of the prize-winning cheeses? Served at an unscrupulous gangster’s party,...
  • “A cut above?”

    25 August 2017 Town Crier
    Although I recognise that it enables advances in productivity, I loathe the thought of time and motion inspectors using a stopwatch for each and every process in the workplace
  • “Enlisting with the Territorials”

    07 July 2017 Town Crier
    When I opened my shop, my first cheese order from the wholesalers included solid examples of those Territorials that originally hailed from outside our immediate area – Martell’s Double Gloucester, Mrs A’s, Mrs K’s, Sparkenhoe and Special Reserve Wensleydale. Sizeable rounds of...
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