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Justin Tunstall

Retail consultant, shares with us his cheese selling experience
  • “Shrink to fit”

    29 September 2017 Town Crier
    Recently I was captivated by the story of 11 blocks and truckles of cheese that had been stolen in a heist at a cheese show. What was to be the fate of the prize-winning cheeses? Served at an unscrupulous gangster’s party,...
  • “A cut above?”

    25 August 2017 Town Crier
    Although I recognise that it enables advances in productivity, I loathe the thought of time and motion inspectors using a stopwatch for each and every process in the workplace
  • “Enlisting with the Territorials”

    07 July 2017 Town Crier
    When I opened my shop, my first cheese order from the wholesalers included solid examples of those Territorials that originally hailed from outside our immediate area – Martell’s Double Gloucester, Mrs A’s, Mrs K’s, Sparkenhoe and Special Reserve Wensleydale. Sizeable rounds of...
  • “The vinyl is final and the curd is the word”

    22 May 2017 Town Crier
    Last weekend I was at a conference in a faraway city; one that I hadn’t visited in over 20 years. With some time off on Saturday afternoon, I decided to explore. I’d ‘done’ the famous sights on previous visits, so I...
  • “Avoiding the ‘b’ word”

    14 April 2017 Town Crier
    As a teenager in the early 1970s, prior to my first ‘dinner party’, parental advice didn’t just cover which cutlery to use. I was also briefed to avoid discussion of politics, religion or money. Perhaps that’s why I became a music, and...
  • “Cobweb corner”

    09 March 2017 Town Crier
    There’s usually a little bit of a shop that makes the owner wince – not for reasons of cleanliness, I trust, but because the offering has become stale. It shouldn’t mean your cheese stocks, as common-sense and statutory food hygiene must take...
  • “Time, gentlemen (and ladies), please”

    06 February 2017 Town Crier
    I’ve read opinions in this magazine that shops should always be open if there’s a chance of customers being around. That’s fine if one has an adequate supply of trained staff that can be put onto adjusted rotas and thus spread more...
  • “Monogamy: overrated?”

    02 January 2017 Town Crier
    How many partners have you had? If it is a small part of your business, it may be that you use just a single supplier. If it plays a major part, multiple suppliers may be needed to achieve the range...
  • “Q – score more than 10 points”

    06 November 2016 Town Crier
    It’s an oft repeated cliche that we are a country of shopkeepers; also that we Brits respect, indeed LOVE a queue. Consequently the line of customers that most cheesemongers experience in December could be seen to represent the British Christmas as...
  • “Substitute”

    25 August 2016 Town Crier
    When The Who’s Roger Daltrey sings “I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth,” one might be forgiven for thinking that he came from a family of habitual deli-sample guzzlers
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