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  • “Play to your strengths”

    20 March 2015 Town Crier
    Small business owners need the versatility of Swiss Army knives. The variety of skills that we have to deploy during the average month is dazzling
  • “The customer is in the detail”

    20 March 2015 Expert Eye
    In my view, the average Partridges customer would probably fall into one of three categories.
  • “Retailing American-style”

    20 March 2015 Cheese Talk
    On a recent visit to Santa Barbara – a highly recommended detour if you’re stuck in LA for a few days – I checked out the various shops, supermarkets and delis, and was as always amazed at how different the shopping experience is from the UK
  • “Try leads to buy”

    20 March 2015 Fine Food
    “Would you buy a used car from this man?” is the line that the analysts reckon lost the 1960 U.S. Presidential election for Richard Nixon
  • The Importance of a Marketing Strategy

    18 March 2015 Speciality Bites
    It’s show-time, folks. The biennial IFE Show at Excel takes place next weekend onwards for 4 days followed a month later by the Farm Shop & Deli Show, and I am currently in Athens at the second ever Food Expo Greece – disappointingly cold here though!
  • Soar Like An Eagle

    23 February 2015 Speciality Bites
    Last week I was back in Kenya at the children’s centre (orphanage and school) that Cotswold Fayre supports on a monthly basis and with our charitable events
  • The Key Elements of Success

    10 February 2015 Expert Eye
    On Thursday 25th May 1972, Partridges opened its doors for the first time at 132 Sloane Street, London. The doors were in fact opened by my brother, Sir Richard Shepherd, the first of at least eight family members to work in the company
  • Promoting Smaller Brands

    05 February 2015 Speciality Bites
    At this time of year I often spend time out with my sales team visiting retails, and this year is no exception, and I entered in to a debate yesterday I thought I would share with you
  • “We all scream for ice cream”

    03 February 2015 Fine Food
    If you need cheering up in the slate grey days of the New Year, ice cream is the indulgence to turn to
  • “Together we stand; divide, they will get us”

    03 February 2015 Cheese Talk
    I was invited to give a series of lectures on British cheese in January to the Masters students at the University of Gastronomy in Bra Italy, and had planned to spend December leisurely researching and writing my presentation
  • “Time for customers”

    03 February 2015 Town Crier
    As a small independent retailer, we have three main factors in our favour in the struggle against the multiples: range, expertise and enthusiasm/passion/personality – call it what you will
  • Business Relationships

    16 January 2015 Speciality Bites
    I recently had the misfortune to have to take an ex-employee to court, which is one of the few occasions in 15 years of running a business that I have had to engage the services of a lawyer. They don’t come cheap, do they?!
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