Dried Pasta

Garofalo Bucatini Pasta

Made with 100% high quality durum wheat semolina. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. A thick spaghetti like pasta with a hole running through the middle. Buco comes from the Italian for hole and bucato meaning pierced. Bucatini is perfect for many dishes such as casseroles, with chunky sauces or as a plain pasta dish.

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  • Raw Materials

    At Garofalo all the wheat pasta is made using robust durum wheat semolina. The result a pasta high in protein that resists over cooking and retains the al dente texture.

  • Garofalo History

    The history of Garofalo is strongly linked with the history of Gragnano the town in the province of Naples chosen as the homeland of pasta thanks to 5 centuries of uninterrupted pasta production.

  • Bronze Die

    Garofalo pasta is made using a bronze die cut. Pasta made using the traditional bronze die has a slightly rough texture and a porous surface that holds the sauce.

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Pasta Garofalo
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