Dried Pasta

Garofalo - Not Your Average Pasta

GAROFALO Pasta is unique because it makes pasta as it should be done, always starting from the best possible raw material for its wheat pasta, whole-wheat pasta, organic pasta and gluten-free pasta. Available from your local wholesaler. Save 20% NOW at Distributor Cotswold Fayre

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  • High in Protein

    Only robust durum wheat semolina is used for Garofalo pasta the result a high protein pasta that remain al dente after cooking.

  • Formed through a bronze die

    The result a pasta with a rough surface for the sauce to stick to.

  • Variety of shapes

    In the UK Garofalo stocks over 76 shapes available for immediate delivery.

Garafalo - not your average pasta

Garofalo makes pasta as it should be made the result a pasta that tastes good and resists over cooking. Garofalo pasta has a slightly rough texture and a porous surface, the sauce is absorbed & sticks

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Pasta Garofalo
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  • Garofalo traditional and gluten free pasta