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Kingfisher Chilli Jam

Our chilli jam is medium to hot, with a combination of sweet, savoury and slightly tangy flavours It goes great with cheese and crackers or as a baste for spare ribs It is suitable for vegans and vegetarians

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  • Also an ingredient

    Apart from tasting great with crackers and cheese, our jam is ideal for roasting pork. Smear a thin layer of the jam on the meat before cooking and let taste of chillies and apricots permeate.

  • Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians

    A very healthy product, bursting with vitamin C that is found naturally in chillies.

  • Not too sweet

    Perfect combination of flavour and heat, with just a touch of sweetness to balance the taste of the cheese, when eaten with crackers.


Tim & Annette bring their South African heritage to England by creating perfectly balanced, aromatic flavours in their chilli products, for those who crave more than just heat.

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Kingfisher Chilli
  • 8 x 220g jars £23.84 (£2.98 ea.)
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