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Kingfisher Chilli Mayonnaise

A smooth and tangy chilli mayonnaise with a bite that sneaks up on you Great with baked potato, scotch eggs, prawn cocktail or potato salad No artificial colours or flavours

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  • Slow realease heat

    With this mayonnaise, you will experience the creamy texture and the tangy taste before the heat. It creates an abundance of taste sensations, which chilli lovers enjoy.

  • Suitable for Vegetarians

    Apart from egg yolk in our mayonnaise, the ingredients include fresh and dried chillies, garlic, assorted spices, extra virgin olive oil, vegetable oil or rapeseed oil.

  • Also suitable as an ingredient

    Add flavour by spreading a thin layer of the chilli mayo on your fish or chicken before placing it in the oven to bake. The mayonnaise acts as a natural tenderiser and the taste is very enjoyable.


Tim & Annette bring their South African heritage to England by creating perfectly balanced, aromatic flavours in their chilli products, for those who crave more than just heat.

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Kingfisher Chilli
  • 8 x 180g jars £23.84 (£2.98 ea.)
  • Fine Food Angel
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